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Jobelle Gacuya - Social Entrepreneur, Social Innovator, Writer, Explorer


Hi, I am Jobelle. I am first generation Filipino-American. I am on a path of living a life of purpose and doing work that matters to me.I love all things social entrepreneurship, social innovation, all things 90s hip hop & R&B, funky reggae parties, authentic moments, and walking around cities discovering cute cafes and magic moments.


I love to think outside of the box, I am not afraid to use imagination. I believe creative problem solving & entrepreneurship can solve a lot of the world's biggest problems. 

I am passionate about using business for good and have 10+ years of experience working on projects around the world that put people and the planet first. I work directly with some of the most underprivileged and vulnerable communities in the United States, Southeast Asia and Latin America. My goal is to continue to build enterprises and support projects as well as entrepreneurs to continue to equalize opportunity for all.


I am a public speaker and love to inspire first generation college students. I've spoken at many universities such as: San Francisco State University, UC Berkeley, Cal State Los Angeles, Stanford University, The DO School, and much more.

I am an avid traveler & explorer. I love to explore new countries, cities, and find new hikes. I love nature and the outdoors and do my best to live a sustainable lifestyle. 

Adventure is a big part of my life.  I believe in living a life of purpose and I devote my life to create an impact with my skills, expertise, and new ideas.

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